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Now is the time to integrate all that I have gathered. Chastity's Treasures is a spiritual boutique created to aid in healing myself by helping to heal others through spirit, meditation, intuition, manifestation, and metaphysics.

Here you will discover the best combination of items to begin replacing negative energy with the energy you desire and deserve. Manifest the life you'll love by setting intentions and being in vibrational alignment. 

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Book Your Reading Today and Begin Walking In Your Destiny

Available Readings include Life Path, Relationship, Yearly & Weekly Outlook Readings!!

The Destiny Card System is an ancient esoteric science that has been kept secret for centuries. Using a regular deck of playing cards and a system based on numerology, astrology, and the science of the deck of cards, readings are able to describe who and what will be playing prominent roles in your life for your year. 

Unlike tarot or oracle readings, these cards have a special position for every year of your life, which includes your Life Spread that covers your entire lifetime, and a Spiritual Spread that tells you about yourself prior to your incarnation on this planet. Each year the cards change position to give you insight into where your energy will be in matters of communication, love, anger, blessings, lessons, things unexpected, secrets, dreams, and fears.  

The Deck is a Calendar
There are many significant relationships for a deck of cards that are common with our calendar and numerology. There are four suits of thirteen cards each totaling 52. There are 52 weeks in a year. If you add 5 + 2 = 7, seven is the number of days in a week and a spiritual number that is considered magical in numerology. Based on the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, which were the seven visible planets seen in ancient times, the astrologists mapped out 52 cycles that we now call our weeks.

If you add up each of the numbers from all four suits of the cards, counting Jacks as 11, Queens as 12 and Kings as 13 you will get 364. Then add the Joker at one and one-quarter, which represents 1/4 for each suit and 1/4 for itself you will get 365 1/4 which is the actual number of days in a year.

The twelve court cards represent the twelve months of the year. The four suits represent the four seasons of Spring (Hearts), Summer (Clubs), Autumn (Diamonds) and Winter (Spades).

The numbers on the cards have significance in their own right as well as the court cards. Each suit, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades, gives meaning to each card. The position the card holds in the Grand Solar Spread has significance as to their planetary influences.

As the cards change positions each year, their planetary influence will also change separate from the planetary influence of the row or column they appear. All of these things combine together to interpret your reading.

It is useful to have a Destiny Card reading when you are about to have your birthday, or have just had it, to get a sense of what this year will bring for you. It’s also useful to get a Destiny Card compatibility reading when you’re entering a new relationship, or when you’re in a relationship with someone you want to get along with better. Destiny Card readings are useful when you want to learn the outcome of a new business or legal issue as well.


Destiny Card Readings

Life Path

This reading begins at your birth and expresses your chosen path during this lifetime. Moving through each of the 13-year cycles, you will be amazed to see from where you have come and what lies in the future.  Each section brings you an amazing awareness and greater understanding of the choices and challenges you have set before yourself. Any Auspicious Events happening will be listed for the next 20 years. This is a wonderful tool for self-understanding and the affirmations included will help with your spiritual growth. 

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Yearly Outlook

Schedule a reading to learn more about what the Destiny Cards show that may impact your life for the year. During a reading, I will tell you about your Yearly personal cards and what you may expect now and going forward for the next year.

Although you are not your “card”, with this Destiny Cards System we know your past, present, and future cards, and what significant energetic influences are in your life now, what to expect from the people around you, and when things may happen in the future. This reading is tailored personally to your life as relayed through your Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, or Personality Card Destiny Cards Spreads.

Although not carved in stone, this system is amazingly accurate. It helps you understand how to make objective choices and guides you in knowing what energetic influences affect your life. This reading gives you a level of awareness that leads to a change that is desired and puts the control of your life back into your hands. For all of us it is inevitable we are going to change and evolve and it comes through conscious awareness that we make positive choices. The cards give you a way to increase that awareness of yourself.

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This reading  reveals as much information about you and your partner as possible, using an ancient and highly accurate system called The Book of Destiny. It is our hope that this reading will enlighten you a little, and maybe even help you to make more powerful and happy choices in the areas of relationships, love, and marriage. This reading will explain many things about how you and your partner interact. It includes connections between your Birth Cards and  Planetary Ruling Cards. There will be up to 10 relationship connections and interpretations about each connection. Your Spiritual Spread connections are from past lives and your Life Spread connections are from this current lifetime. Affirmations are given which give you tools to strengthen and nurture your relationships.

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Weekly Outlook

Take a look at the week ahead. Weekly readings are a great way to see what you'll be thinking, have affection for, anger or inspire you, biggest source of blessings, biggest lesson, what will surprise you, and what you will be dreaming about as well as connections between friends, family, lovers, and co workers

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